Container services

Rail service

Today world develop rail service as a movement for transport cargo to every place , the advantage of rail service is significant against Road services , according World Bank report on 2000 has move 224,77,536 ETU by rail but on 2016 it increased to 752,702,433.976 it indicated the rate of grow up for every days is more than 20% ( )

therefore we try to develop our rail services also and during 2000 till today every year we moved more shipment by wagon instead of truck , on 2009 we move 10000Mt to all over CIS and … but on 2017 we moved 250000Mt , specially for some goods like as Sulphure and Ore Mine and Urea fertilizer from Uzbeksiatn and Turkmenistan to East Asia , and some African countries .

we move some shipment containerized by flat bed wagon and some shipment by cross staff and reload into covered wagon .

During all route we trace every wagon and report location every day as. We wish to be owner wagon from 2020 and develop our network at Europe also  .