Container services

According UNECTAD statistics from 2010 upto 2017 , during 8 years , it has moved  5.302.809.757 TEU at all over the world.

Container services

We try to have a small share at this statistic If you have any shipmen from every port mention at our Network  ,we are ready to support you to move your shipment even by EXW  term from from every loading place to every destination at all over CIS , Afghanistan and Caucasus territory

China to Baku , Via Poti , our safe and strong services for delivering every shipment  by container

We are moving every shipment from Istanbul Turky to Turkmenistan via Baku and Caspian sea

We are moving every shipment from B.abbas to Every destination

To  CIS ,

( Ashghabad , Mary , Turkmanbasd , Tashkent , Dushanbeh )

To Afghanistan

 ( Islamqaleh , Herat , Kabul & Kandehar )


To Caucasus

( Baku , Teblois , Yeravan )